Al-Huda Mosque Yearly Events





In commemoration of the birth of the holy prophet Muhammad pbuh, Al-Huda Mosque allocates a special day every year to celebrate Maulidur-Rasul. This year the main event for the night was a Forum-cum-Qasidah by a group of religious teachers named Madeehul-Mustafa. The celebration on that special night was set in motion by the recitation of Ratib Al-Haddad led by Ust Hj Ahmad Ali. Last but not least, it ended with the distribution of Al-Huda Briyani Rice to everyone attending the event at the mosque.


Annual Mass Tahlil




This yearly event attracts about 150 jemaahs. Lead by Ust Hj Ahmad Ali with about 800 name mentioned. The event end with a big feast of 40 'dulangs' or trays of Nasi Tomato sponsored by the jemaahs or congregation.


Spring Cleaning


In preparation of the holy month of Ramadan and as part of the effort to keep the mosque neat and clean, a yearly 'spring cleaning' event is organised. Together with the volunteers, everyone joins in the act of cleaning and removal of unwanted or old items at the mosque.


Month of Ramadan Programmes


The month of Ramadan is the busiest month at the mosque with activities taking place every day.

- Nightly Terawih prayers

- Weekly lecture programmes after Terawih prayers on every Friday and Saturday nights.

- Invited guest from Egypt leading the prayers and reciting the Holy Quran on every Thursday night. This is in collaboration with the Ba'alwie Mosque

- Daily breaking of the fast (iftar)

- Groups of families iftar together on every Sunday

- Nuzul Al-Quran and Khatam Al-Quran

- Iftar event with community and other religious leaders

- Ramadan Youth Challenge where the youth take charge of the mosque for one day


Eid Prayers




Needless to say, the two Eid Prayers of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha are the days when the mosque will be filled beyond its maximum capacity. The congregation will fill up every available space and up to the entrance gate. Fortunately, the mosque's compound is large enough and never once has the congregation overflowed out to the street. This is also the time for some former village folks to gather and take the opportunity to reminisce old times while enjoying the morning meal provided after the prayers.