Mosque Volunteers


Al-Huda Mosque has truly been blessed over the years in countless ways, including its many dedicated and committed volunteers coming from various backgrounds.


Muslimin Volunteers (Brothers)


The core Al-Huda Muslimin volunteers of the mosque have long been in existence and they rendered great assistance to the MMB in supporting all the activities at the mosque. They are the strength and foundation of the mosque and they have always come on voluntary basis to assist in ensuring that all the mosque activities were carried out efficiently and runs smoothly. There are about 30 registered volunteers aged between 40 to 75 years old and many of them attend the religious classes organised at the mosque. They also contributed significantly during the yearly Korban services.




Muslimah Volunteers (Women)


The pool of core volunteer Al-Huda Muslimah (Women) group comprises mainly the wives of the MMBs and core volunteers. They are the backbone of the mosque in dealing with women's activities and providing assistance in every functions organised by the mosque. They are able to attract and mobilise the other Muslimah volunteers during events like Maulidur-Rasul and other special occasions. There are also the occasional activities such as visits from other women's organisations and charity fairs, which get them socially engaged and connected to new development. The Muslimahs are also part of the bigger Mosque Women Network (Mosque Muslimah) group of Singapore which is estimated to have a total of 3,000 active members.







The role of the youth unit is quite limited because their formation is only recently and furthermore the mosque's location does not help in making it easy for them to come to the mosque. Nevertheless, they do play a great part occasionally when there are activities organised especially for this age group and during the yearly Ibadah Korban services. Currently there are a total of 20 registered youths with the mosque and they too are in close connection with the other mosques' youth groups. All the Grasio Silat members are automatically considered as members of the mosque's youth unit.





Guidance For The Ummah (Wadah Hidayatul Ummah).



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