Services Offered


• Tahlil services upon request

• Solemnization Ceremony / Wedding Reception upon request

• Fidyah collection all year round

• Zakat & Zakat Fitrah collection only in month of Ramadan.

• Bi-Monthly Fidyah disbursement for registered needy

• Yearly Korban Service


Home Based Islamic Learning & Services


The Home Based Islamic Learning & Services is provided as an additional service to serve the general public, families, groups or individuals who would like to schedule Islamic Learning or religous functions in the privacy and comfort of their homes. The classes or funtions can be conveniently arranged according to their own timing and location. The participants will also get the complete attention from the asatizah they selected. The asatizahs listed here have been short-listed and selected by Al-Huda Mosque Educational Committee and if you require their services or wish to get more details, please contact the asatizah directly.


Home Based Islamic Learning




Home Based Religous Services