Korban Timeline @Al-Huda




During the kampong days, the late Kiyai Kassim organized korban in the vicinity of his house’s compound. After Kiyai Kassim moved out of the kampong, imam Hj Razak started to organise it at the mosque's compound with MMB's permission. The mosque MMB took over in 1980s after imam Hj. Razak migrated.


1997 - Korban Cancelled


Korban was cancelled at all mosques in Singapore because the supplier failed to secure delivery of the korban animals from Australia. Korban animals were imported via chartered sea-freight by the supplier.


2002 - Late Arrival


The korban animals arrived at Singapore only one day before Aidil Adha from Australia causing anxiety and a rush of deliveries to all mosques.


2004 - Late Arrival Again


The korban animals arrived late again this year but this time arrived at the mosque two days after Aidil Adha in the early wee hours of the morning. With excellent coordination and cooperations of the experienced volunteers, the korban rituals was carried out on early morning itself and completed by subuh prayers on the third day of Aidil Adha.


2012 - New Australian Requirements


In March 2012, the Australian authorities imposed stringent requirements for livestock exports which affects Korban activities. Only 16 mosques managed to complete korban audit resulting about only 2500 sheeps imported from Australia to Singapore. Al-Huda did not participate live korban ritual this year, therefore the last live korban event at the mosque was in 2011.


2013 To Date - Korban Overseas


Al-Huda Mosque collaborated with Hezom International to organize Korban in Australia and the meat flown back to Singapore. On later years, the korban performance at other countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh and Cambodia became available but the meat distributed in their home countries to the needy.














Kampung Tempe - Voices From A Malay Village


• Authors: Dr. Yahaya Sanusi and Hidayah Amin


• Published: 23 July 2016


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