Ibadah Qurban For 2021 / 1442H


Registration for this year's Qurban is now open.


For Australian sheep and lamb, we are collaborating with A2A Trading Pte Ltd whereas for Australian Cattle and other countries, Al-Huda Mosque is collaborating with Hezom International. This year there are many options available for the jemaah to choose besides Australia as per listed herewith. With a minimal of $110 jemaah is already able to do the Qurban. For the first time this year we are offering for many other countries ranging from goat, cow and camel as well.

If you wish to order or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us through telephone no. 64684844 or WA 97813109.

Or you may do online registration at https://tinyurl.com/ahqurban21


May Allah SWT accept our Ibadah Qurban and grant us ease in our affairs, amiin.