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Launching Ceremony of Upgrading Project


As part of Warees second project under the Wakaf Revitalisation Scheme (WRS), Al-Huda Mosque was chosen to be upgraded to unlock and enhancing the value of its wakaf property. A launching ceremony was conducted on 30 May 2014 with Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim officiating the ceremony.


The enhancement of the mosque is intended to upgrade the quality of the spaces for worshippers by improving the solace and tranquillity of the mosque. In addition, it also aims to provide better vehicular and human circulation within the mosque, erecting new spaces for women’s prayer area and its other ancillary facilities. A communal multi-purpose area and gallery will also be incorporated to enhance the mosque’s outreach to the community.


Photos during the event (30/05/14)

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