The mosque being a non-profit organisation is financed mainly from donations. Public donations are very important to ensure the well-being of the mosque in terms of meeting its operational costs and maintenance. Due to resettlements of the villagers in addition to the decline of commercial activities and small number of Muslim residents in the vicinity, the revenue from the donation chests are inadequate to sustain all of the mosque's expenses. Regular fund raising activities and programmes are organised in addition to introducing commercial based initiatives to ensure that the mosque's financial status remains in favourable condition.


In accordance with the MUIS guidelines, detailed financial statistics are available upon request with its summary posted on the notice board. In overall, the bulk of the operating cost goes for the gratuity payments to the part-time staff and for the maintenance of the mosque building.




Direct - We accept your generous donation via cash at the mosque direct.


Cheque - Please make it payable to "Masjid Al-Huda" or "Al-Huda Mosque"and mail it to:


Masjid Al-Huda or Al-Huda Mosque

34 Jalan Haji Alias

Singapore 268534

Attn: The Treasurer


Direct Bank Transfer



For Local Donors

Bank: OCBC (Oversea-Chinese Banking

Corporation Ltd)

Account Name: Al-Huda Mosque

Account No.: 591-874136-001

Type: Current Account




For donations sent by Direct Bank Transfer, please send us email giving details such as the transaction reference number, amount, date and your contact particulars.




May Allah reward each and everyone of our donors blessings and bounties in perpetuity.



On-Going Fund Raising


One of the commercial based fund raising initiatives is a collaboration programme with a few selected vendors or suppliers. Their products are displayed or promoted by having a presence at a corner of the mosque or other mediums. In addition, their promotional materials are readily available and distributed at the mosque. In return, a certain agreed percentage of the sales go back to the mosque's fund. Customers to these products please be assured that the prices charged to you are the same if you were to purchase it outside, there are no extra mark ups. The donation amounts are already worked out and agreed by the vendors and us. The products currently available are as follows.


Basmati Rice - "Guard" Brand




Apart from its unique characteristics of being long grained, slender and aromatic fragrance, the basmati rice is also nutritious and a better choice for the health conscious. The basmati rice is of course necessary for cooking the popular beryani rice and an excellent alternative for making nasi lemak. The type sold at the mosque is from Pakistan and is priced at $15.50 for a packet of 5 kg and $30.00 for 2 packets. We can arrange for home deliveries for orders of 4 packets and above.





Al-Quran Stylus Sensor




The Quran Stylus Sensor is a revolutionary educational device for Muslims worldwide and a smart learning tool catered for all ages. This brilliant device has spread over more than 27 countries and received overwhelming response. It is designed to assist all our Muslim brothers and sisters to recite the Quran with the guidance of the world's renowned Imams.




Kasturi Syifa' Perfume




Kasturi Syifa' Perfume is a natural alcohol-free musk perfume and fragrances selected from Arab lands which have been exposed to prayers with a variety of Quranic Syifa'-Ruqyah verses, Asma Ul-Husna verses and others for the purpose of theraphy, protection, healing and treatment the Islamic way as well for normal use.Try it today! You'll simply love its strong but yet soothing and therapeutic aroma!






MAQ100 Maqui Berry Mix Drink




The MAQ100 is a world's super high antioxidant juice made from a blend of Maqui Berry, Acai Berry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Mangosteen, Hawtorn and more. Dubbed as a wonder juice by its proponents, the MAQ100 is not only super high with antioxidants but also contains other important and crucial nutrients for the body that will help to boost your health and cure major ailments. Since the very first day it was marketed, MAQ100 Maqui Berry Mix Drink has created a variety of historical healings from minor health problems such as colds to the major ailments such as stroke and cancer.




Sujak Rahman Painting




Original painting by well known Singapore artist Sujak Rahman. Sujak Rahman is regarded as one of the finest artists in the art of batik painting in Singapore and Asia. His paintings are largely inspired by the human spirit especially the beauty and strength of women in their symbolic role as the mother. He has been teaching the art of batik painting for more than forty years and has held various exhibitions locally and internationally.