Al-Huda Mosque Befrienders


The Mosque Befriender Scheme was started and launched by MUIS in 2008. It works closely with the Social Development Officers (SDOs) of the EMC (Enhanced Mosque Clusters) group and aims to provide emotional support and mentor families who are receivers of MUIS Zakat assistance which include low income families and members with chronic illnesses. The befrienders also look after the welfare of lonely elderly and the physically immobile individuals.


The Al-Huda Mosque befriender unit was formed in 2009 and currently there are 10 members taking care of 10 needy families living in the nearby housing estates. To equip the befrienders with the necessary knowledge and enhance their skills, courses and trainings are provided by MUIS on regular basis. Last year (2010) two runs of customised basic training are completed, conducted in collaboration with the Social Service Training Institute (SSTI). These trainings will be extended to include new recruits. Efforts are ongoing to increase the pool of volunteers for better and more personal care of the needy families (clients).


Befrienders are exposed to sharing the different experiences of the befriendees and talking to these needy and financial aid recipients and listening their stories provide an outlet for them to share their troubles. The immense encounters during "befriending" time is one of the many things Befrienders will experience. It is not easy being a listener. It is challenging, but being a Befriender can also be enriching and inspiring! Join and be a part of our Befriender team in the spirit of touching and changing lives!



Objectives of Mosque Befrienders Scheme


• Provide a relationship of mutual trust


• Encourage clients to achieve empowerment and self-reliance


• Facilitate integration of clients into mainstream society through activities, programmes and community participation


• Assist to prevent loneliness, isolation and boredom among elderly/ destitute clients


• Promote active and positive ageing