Al-Huda Mosque Activities


Religous Classes


1. Religious class (Kuliah Maghrib) every Monday night conducted by Ust Windu Wijaya. Reference book used for this class which is conducted in Malay - Tanbihul Ghafilin (Nasihat Bagi Yang Lalai).


2. Religious class (Kelas Tasawwuf) every Wednesday night conducted by Ust Hj Ahmad Ali. Reference book used for this class which is conducted in Malay - Siyarus Salikin Juz 1 to Juz 4(Jalan para salik untuk mengabdi diri kepada Tuhan Rabbul 'Alamin).


3. Ladies Quran reading (Iqra') every Sunday morning conducted by Ustazah Hjh Salmah Dasimon.


4. Recitation of Ratib Al-Haddad every last Saturday of the month lead by Ust Hj Ahmad Ali.



Yearly Events


A few events are organised on a yearly basis to commemorate important Islamic events or programmes.


Al-Huda Befrienders


The Al-Huda Mosque befriender unit was formed in 2009 and currently there are 10 members taking care of 10 needy families living in the nearby housing estates. To equip the befrienders with the necessary knowledge and enhance their skills, courses and trainings are provided by MUIS on regular basis. Last year (2010) two runs of customised basic training are completed, conducted in collaboration with the Social Service Training Institute (SSTI). These trainings will be extended to include new recruits. Efforts are on going to increase the pool of volunteers for better and more personal care of the needy families.